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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    I am personally a Lamson fan. I had a Ross Rhythm but sold it and replaced it with a Lamson. There is nothing wrong with any of the reels mentioned. I believe it is mostly just a matter of personal preference. I like the looks of the Lamsons. I like the weight and the drag is smooth.

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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    Quote Originally Posted by pl4a View Post

    By Saturday I hope to hit my local flyshop and have it spooled with rio gold....or maybe trout selective....or maybe SA mastery. I fear another decision on the horizon.

    Hi Paul,
    You can't go wrong buying them both! I bought two Ross Rhythm
    reels for $180 on closeout, but then found Ross Evolutions for $153!!!! The
    Rhythm was dandy, but the Evo was lighter and LESS money: no brainer!

    I stopped using the winding machine at fishing shops. I think they wind line
    too tight, and had a spool warp one time. I wind backing on by hand now.

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    in my opinion i would get the lamson. i know a couple friends (one of them owns a fly shop) and they have had problems with the galvan drag loosening up while fishing and my good buddy has a rythm and loves it. HOWEVER, they are discontinued (duh) and i have seen the new vexsis reels from ross and the some of workmanship to me is sub par....ive used galvan ross and orvis and they are all good reels. i just bought a b2mx and paired it with a lamson (litespeed) because of its specs and what ive heard about it. i havent fished that reel yet but simply by playing with the reel in the shop id say lamson all the way
    hope this helps

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    I have love both of my Ross Gunnisons (#3 and a #4) and I just picked up a Ross Rhthym #1 for $107!!!! It seems just as nice, if not nicer than the Gunnisons. I too love the drag knob! Great finish, very sturdy and it may be new favorite! I wasn't concerned with the extra spool, I usually don't have a need for one.

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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    Well, I've decided on the lamson. It finally came down to the fact that I could not find spare spools for the ross. Thanks for all your feedback.


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