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    Default Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    I'm stuck. I just recently purchased a new-to-me loomis glx streamdance 9' 5#. I have narrowed down my reel choices to Lamson velocity and Ross Rhythm, both 2.0. I'm confident that I'd be extremely happy with either reel, but I can't bring myself to flip a coin to make the decision. I'm hoping to get a few opinions from you all before I make the final call. Thanks in advance for your feedback. Also, If I've missed the boat on a different reel, I would also appreciate your search was by no means exhaustive and included only internet research and 2 flyshop visits.

    Here's what I came-up with so far when I compared the two:

    Balance: tie. both felt equally well balanced with the rod to me.
    drag: tie. My research indicates they are both high quality drag systems. I preferred the quiet of the Lamson, but honestly liked the adjustment knob on the Ross.
    Price: lean toward Lamson, but only ~$30 less than Ross
    Color: lean toward Ross...didn't think I'd like the "colors" but I have to admit the copper looked good with the olive rod color.

  2. Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    All I can tell you is my wife and son and I all have lamson reels and love them, never had anything bad to say about them. Not to say other reels arent good, I own a few diffrent reels form other companies and like most of them. When I buy a new reel though I always look at the lamson's


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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    I haven't used a Lamson but, my Ross Rhythms have worked flawlessly. The drag IS very smooth, and the machining and finish are top notch. I seriously doubt either reel will disappoint.

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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    Hi pl4a,

    My choice would be a Galvan OB. It has no incoming click and the drag is one of the smoothest made. The drag has a wide adjustment so you won't break off adjusting your drag. That is if you adjust the drag with a fish on, I don't. It is available in Green or Black.


    Galvan Open Back

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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    I agree with Frank the Galvan would be my first. The Lamson has a very good drag system so it would my second. The Ross would be my third. I beleive that the Ross has been discontinued. So it may be difficult to find a spare spool in the future. I think I remember talking with the people at Galvan and was told that the OB will fit spools from another reel in their line. However you will not go wrong with any of these choices.

  6. Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    I love Galvan reels, The openback is an amazing reel. Im a fan of the rythm to, its a great reel. The Lamson..aah not so much.

    The only thing is price. You can find a rythm in alot of places for 150-175, while the Galvan openback wouldn't go lower than around 275.

    The Galvan would be my first pick, but if money is tight, the ross will do great.

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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    I'd go with the Lamson. I used an old (2001) Velocity on Redfish this weekend and it worked great. The drag on that reel has had absolutely zero maintenance since I bought it.

    If the Velocity you're considering is the Hard Alox version, I'd say that gives it a leg up. That's a whole'nother kind of anodization that is much tougher than whats on the other two.

    And Frank, just as fyi, the rubber o-ring seems to be holding up just fine.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I think I'm getting closer to a decision.

    The Galvan looks great, though unfortunately out of my price range. Pricing is good through sierra trading (velocity $125 and rhythm $115 using additional 25% discount) and so I ordered both last night. That will give me some extra time to see/feel each on the rod and then make my move. I'll likely return the other or perhaps give as a gift to fly fishing brother--I feel as if I need to do something other than return with those prices!

    By Saturday I hope to hit my local flyshop and have it spooled with rio gold....or maybe trout selective....or maybe SA mastery. I fear another decision on the horizon.


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    I have both and like them both. I am a little more partial to the Lamson drag. There are some great deals out there on both reels right now. I vote for the Rio gold!

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    Default Re: Help?!? Lamson velocity vs Ross Rhythm

    I use a Lamson Litespeed 2 and I'm really happy with the machining and especially the drag. I've fished with the Ross reels before and they are very fine reels. Last month I was at the Denver Fly Show and got to play with the Galvin reels, like Franks says they are top notch machining and a very smooth drag. Personally, I don't think you would go wrong on any of those reels, if money was no object then for me it would be a Lamson or Galvin.


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