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Thread: old rod and reels

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    Default old rod and reels

    Hi folks, got a couple questions here.

    Background: Many years ago, when I first started fly fishing, my kids bought me some fly fishing gear fro Christmas and while we didn't have much money then, I was, and still am very appreciative of thier wanting to make dad happy.

    Well, I was cleaning out the garage and found this old gear, figured I had thrown it away or it had gotten lost in the many moves a career navy man makes, but the bottom line is I still have it.

    Problem is I don't have a clue what kind of fly line is on the reels, and since they both still work, I thought maybe I would reline them.

    the Rod, believe it or not, is an old Zebco fly rod 8' 6/7 weight. Not sure if or when I would ever use this old fiberglass monster, but it still seems to be in good shape.

    the reels are
    1. Shakespeare omni 44 (old and heavy but still works well after a clean and lube)

    2. Eagle claw 3080 little black, multi-directional reel. This one seems to be in "like new" condition, once cleaned and lubed.

    Now I am not sure if I got both reels at the same time, the eagle claw reel looks almost brand new, and the line on it seems to be in good shape, though it fills the rod completely and there is no backing on it. I can just about guarentee you that the reel and line have never been used and was put away in it's little pouch as a back-up reel.

    so, here are my questions.

    1. Any idea how to determine the size of the line that is on these reels? I figure I can stick them in water to see if they are floating lines or sinking lines, but as I fly fished very infrequently way back 15 or 20 years ago, the lines on both reels look to be in pretty good shape. If I knew what size they were I might find a use for them at some point either teaching my kids, having a loaner rod for my buddies, or giving them to someone that wants them.

    2. Any idea how to determine the size of the line that is supposed to go on these reels?

    I am thinking the line on the Eagle Claw is too big for the reel as it fills the reel and there is no backing. Maybe, in my noobness way back then I got the reel and bought 6 or 7 weight line (to match the rod) and didn't know enuf to put backing on, or maybe the line filled the reel so I never thought about backing.

    I am thinking about stringing this eagle claw with a 3wt DT for my little 6' 3 weight Griggs rod as a backup for my Redington CD 3/4 reel.

    I know I am being a sentimental pack rat, and should probably just pitch the whole mess, but I there you have it.

    I am Interested in thoughts, opinions, info on the reels etc.



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    I will see if I can find it i use to have a grain chart for fly lines, you weigh them and see how mnay grains they are and that will tell you line size.
    If I can find it I'll PM it to ya.
    That would be a good ideal with the little eagleclaw reel,
    as for the rod and other reel, I would just clean them up and stick them in the corner of your den where you can see them, they will probaly bring back some great memories for ya.

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    Default Re: old rod and reels

    Thanks Bear,

    Yeah, I was thinking of stickin it up on the wall in my office, not like I will ever use it again. I fish the Truckee River and my 5wts are plenty for that. Plus, I am gettin older and I think my arm would wear out tryin to cast that old fiberglass monster all day.

    Also, I found a chart on the web that talks about weighing the first 30 (level) feet of fly line and determining what size it is from that - is this what you were talking about? so, I would guess you hold up the part your not weighing and see where you fall in the scale.

    Chart is here:
    Fly Line # Actual Weight in Grains
    1 60
    2 80
    3 100
    4 120
    5 140
    6 160
    7 185
    8 210
    9 240
    10 280
    11 330
    12 380
    13 420
    14 455


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    your welcome
    I belive thats how you do it, just hold the back of the line so its not pulling on the scale, glad you found a chart on the web, I cant find mine any place, its probaly in a book in my flyfishing and fly tying books some place.

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    Default Re: old rod and reels

    well, it appears that the line is either an 8 or 9 weight. 30 feet weighs at 15 grams, and there are 15.4 grains to a gram, making the line weigh in at 231 grains putting it closer to a 9 then an 8. no wonder it made my little eagle claw ultralight (practice rod) throw line 60 to 70 feet at a whim.

    Can't figure what I am going to do with this line. If someone out there wants it let me know. Biggest rod I have is a 6/7 and it's the old fiberglass monster Zebco.

    I think I will stop by sportsman's tomorrow and pick up a 3 weight DT for my little rod and spool that on the old Eagle Claw reel. BTW there was some backing on it, looks to be about 20# green mono (LOL) I was such a noob back then. Fret not, I have some real backing out in the garage.

    Thanks for the help Bear.

    BTW here is the link to the fly line size to weight chart I found:


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    Very good, glad ya got it figured out. Glad I could help. And dont worry about that green mono thing, I am sure we have all done things like that, I know I have.

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    Default Re: old rod and reels

    Hi to All,

    Hey guys, there is a AFTMA line chart in the FAQ section. It gives the official weight range.


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