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  1. Default Re: If you had to pick a reel?

    I've got:
    Ross Gunnison 3 post 98, love it
    Orvis BBS III, great reel
    Orvis Mid Arbor III w/two spools, also love it

    I like all of them, but if I had to choose I would go with the Orvis Mid Arbor III, I can't say why. Maybe I've just got a groove with it. None of the above have ever let me down.

    I would like to find a old Orvis CFO II or III click & pawl, beat up even.
    Anyone got one they don't want?

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    lamson litespeed or ross evo

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    Default Re: If you had to pick a reel?

    Interesting thread. If you're going to be fishing both floating and sinking, or sink-tip, lines, then I think you want a reel with a top notch drag system. In the "under $300" category, my choice would be a Lamson Litespeed; probaby a #2. Smooth drag and built tough. I stopped a 10 ft. barracuda dead in it's tracks without breaking it off in Ascension Bay last Spring with a Litespeed 4.0 that was really cranked down tight on the drag.

    However, if you want to spoil yourself a little, then try Abel's Super 5N. I did, and the Ross Evolution #2 that I used to fish regularly on my 9'0" Sage Z-Axis 5 wt. is now sitting on the consignment shelf at my local Fly Shop! - was sitting - it didn't last long. I've got to say that the Abel advertising is not hype. Their products are really well built, durable and nicely finished. I'm headed for one of their "Trout" reels this spring for one of my 3 wt. graphite rods. I'm glad that they brought this model back; I think that they had a lot of requests for it. I also have an Abel Creek model that I use on a 7'6" 3 wt.; beautiful little click and pawl reel.

    You have a lot of good quality reels to choose from. Unfortunately, choosing a reel is harder than choosing a rod, since you can't "cast" a reel and you won't really know 100% what you like and don't like in a reel until you get a good sized fish on it. Best, in my opinion, is to try out some reels that your buddies fish, get a feel for what you like and proceed from there.

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    Default Re: If you had to pick a reel?

    My choice would be a Islander IR-3. Very good quality reels.No disk drag, double click and pawl. I had the chance to look them over a while ago. Second would be Orvis CFO or BBS.

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    Orvis BBS III. Can't kill it, great drag. But not LA. Don't care, love the reel, it's milled, it's inexpensive and I never have to worry about it. In my view any reel that is more money than a BBS for a 5WT rig is just plain silly, at least from a practical standpoint. And a lot of reels that are half the cost of a BBS are plenty good enough anyway. But they ain't as cool, of course.

    Now, if you want jewelry (and everybody likes jewelry, including me) you can burn a mortgage payment pretty easy on a reel. I've been know to go nuts, too, so get what you want. Absolutely. The economy needs you.

    But it ain't gonna' land more fish.



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    I love my Galvan.
    Stalk softly and carry a green stick.

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    Default Re: If you had to pick a reel?

    Hi Pavel,

    My favorite Trout reel is the Galvan OB. A really wonderful reel with a super smooth drag. A new reel on the market is the Redington Rise. I have not used or seen the Redington Rise but it is getting good comments. It is available from the Forum Fly Shop. Give Todd a call at 937-434-8472.

    Update: I just talked to Todd at the Forum Fly Shop and he is really high on the new Rise. It is fully machined and just a lot of reel for the money. So a good reel with free shipping is not a bad deal.


    Galvan OB

    Redington Rise

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