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View Poll Results: What is your favorite reel brand

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  • Ross

    50 17.36%
  • Galvan

    25 8.68%
  • Abel

    19 6.60%
  • Lamson/Waterworks

    58 20.14%
  • G. Loomis

    2 0.69%
  • Bauer

    6 2.08%
  • Sage

    10 3.47%
  • Orvis

    53 18.40%
  • Hardy

    23 7.99%
  • Scierra

    0 0%
  • Tibor

    14 4.86%
  • Bass Pro

    1 0.35%
  • Cabelas

    4 1.39%
  • Nautilus

    11 3.82%
  • Reddington

    9 3.13%
  • Teton

    3 1.04%
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    Default Re: Favorite Reel Brand

    Mine has got to be Hardy. They have a reel for all styles of fishing. I know they may not be the most technical reel in the world but that "Hardy Scream" when a big fish runs is music to my ears.Zane for salt and A Perfect for fresh water.

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    Mine has got to be Hardy
    I'm with ya on that one. I love my 2 Bougle Mark IVs...they see 95% of my fishing time and yes, I do love that scream when a big fish takes off.

    And my sentimental favorite are the old Pfluegers:

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    Default Re: Favorite Reel Brand

    I like this new large arbor with the custom drag

    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Favorite Reel Brand


    Is the drag caliper or disc? I've also seen them in graphite three spoke style.

    Seriously now, I still fish my first Hardy more than any other reel for trout (a Featherweight) I have a few others that get a lot of use but other than Hardy I like the CFO's, course they were Hardy built so I guess I just voted Hardy again.

  5. Default Re: Favorite Reel Brand

    Rip Tide that is the Ultimate!!!! LMAO! Can you see a little wrist band Caliper and a hand brake!!!! Heay and the cable could double as a leash!!!!!!

  6. Default Re: Favorite Reel Brand

    What is that thing????

  7. Default Re: Favorite Reel Brand

    Can we say, "no more coiled line!"

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    Default Re: Favorite Reel Brand

    I'm a big Lamson and Hardy fan. I have two Konics, a Guru 2.0, a Hardy Zane and two Demons which are made from barstock aluminium but have plastic spools.

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    Default Re: Favorite Reel Brand

    1st Vivarelli
    2nd Cordel
    so I can't vote

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksbrowntrout2 View Post
    I did one of these posts on the fly rod forum, but what now im interested to see what everyone's favorite reel is.....THERE ARE A MILLION BRANDS, so please bear with me....
    Mine is Martin and I mean the old Classics that were USA Made. I have several of their old reels only one of the Classics it is the Classic M-78 that takes 7 & 8 Weight line I use it on my Corland 9 ft Bass rod. On my trout Rods, I use one of their M-65 Trout Reels on my Diamondback Trout Rod and I have an extra Spool for it. One spool has WF-5F line and the other is strung with DT-5F. On My Browning Short rod I have a M-61 El-Cheapo with WF-4F. I have had them for several years and they are still working GREAT!!!! I am looking for some more of their Classic reels . Please see my Ad in the classifieds.

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