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Thread: Danielsson...?

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    It’s actually a bit of both. Partly to counteract the shock of the initial take and partly for abrasion resistance. In reality you can only put as much pressure on the fish as the system allows but you do have to at least red line your equipment, occasionally breaking rods or fly lines in the process. If you don’t your chances are slim. Even then you may not have enough and then it’s all in the lap of the Gods, the fish turns right you get him, left you lose it

    As to drag, despite makers advertisements to the contrary and perpetuated by people who have bought into the hype I don’t think there’s any fly reels even comes close to +20lb in the real world. Mako probably being the top of the pile.



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    CBT: least when I put 10-15lb static on conventional bluewater reel at 3/4 and strike and 20 all in using 65 braid...cannot do it on a door handle usually do it auto bumper on dry land and confirm on boat cleat...that's a measured scale load that I have never achieved on any fly reel and to get dry land 15 and 20 I have to spool the last 150 yards with at least8- 10 lbs of resistance... less and the set 10-15 will, initially, dig too deep in the spool...occasionally if I top the 65 with 50-100 yards of 80 and set all in at 25 I'll tension at 10-15...what a pain to crank a spool at 10 plus...

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    I purchased a LW5 6nine based upon what I’ve read on this forum. I received it today and am impressed with the build quality. It will be going in a Sage Bass II. I won’t be able to fish it for a couple weeks. Looking forward to doing that!

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    In the hope it's of interest to others, when I met with Erik, one of D's designers, he said that one of his aims is to make their reels as light as possible without compromising its strength and integrity. This, of course, helps better balance the modern, lighter rods makers are now offering us.

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    I neglected to explain with measurements why my new H5D took 300 yrds 80 and 100 yds 65 braid. Spool diameter 4.38 in; Hub diameter 2.3 in; spool width 1.3 in; flat spool base and for comparison my Abel 4N spool width is .93 in...H5D holds a lot of braid were I to re-do for my primary use I would fill with 30-50 lb dacron and top with 200-250 of 65...since I am skiffed actually I never let more than 125-150 yds out before closing and I always want the maximum backing circumference preferably after the first run the action is on the flyline

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    I like Danielsson. I have three of them. I wish they had another spool with a less capacity (via a bigger inner diameter) for the L5W 8-12 - just like they've got the 4-7 spool that fits on a 6-9.

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    Quote Originally Posted by camelbrass View Post
    Funnily enough Danielesson reels came up in discussions a couple of months ago amongst some of the guys who are much more accomplished GT fishermen than I am. The general consensus is that they’re nicely made and well designed reels. Great for Tarpon and Salmon but don’t have the sheer stopping power required for GTs.

    Regards, Trevor

    I wonder if those folks re-stacked the O-rings and drag washers to increase the drag to maximum? I think that is one of the big advantages of a Dalielsson.

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    I was wondering if I could get some advise from you guys. I'm just getting into fly fishing and was looking at the L5W 6nine and the F3W 7ten. I would primarily use this reel for bonefish. I was just wondering what are your thoughts on the spool width, especially for a beginner. I'm leaning towards the L5W 6nine for versatility, but it has a wider spool width at 1.307". The 7ten is narrower at 1.102". I've read that narrower spools are easier for line control, so would you consider the 6nine model as being "wide" and not the easiest to learn on? Thank you.
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