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  1. Default Old Cortland reels

    Looking for the actual manufacture of some Cortland Reels.

    I have tried looking through several threads on different sites, but no luck

    I have a couple of Cortland 444 multiplying reels that say made in England, and 2 more of the Cortland reels with rim drag also made in England. Both type have pawl drags and are from the 60’s.

    Multiplying reels seem to have gone away, so there must be some inherent problem with this system??

    As a side note I also have a Cortland Bamboo 444 made in England and am wondering about the actual maker.

    Can anyone shed some light on these?
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    -- William Feather

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    Default Re: Old Cortland reels

    I would be happy to buy the multiplying reels, made by hardy factory..I collect them..
    sandfly/ bob
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  3. Re: Old Cortland reels

    Sorry Bob, but I plan on using the multiplying reels. Glad I bought 2 extra spools when I got them. Sort of thought they might be Hardy and have enjoyed the convenience of the fast line pick up. Also I enjoy things that are a bit off from the “main stream”

    Thanks much for the info..
    No man is a failure who is enjoying life.
    -- William Feather

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