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    Quote Originally Posted by freeze69
    are you 2 related to my wife in any way? sounds just like her. if it ain't mooing it ain't any good.
    Long lost brothers. Okay, maybe lost is not a good word. More like discarded!
    All Means All

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    Holy **** Batman, I agree with you guys as to the the cost
    of the Siskiyou Design reels. They look like one of the old
    Peerless and Hardy reels. Their design and machine work is top
    of the line. There's a number or reels on the market that are
    as expensiive or more expensive. Being a poor boy, I can't afford
    one either. I use a Tioga Magnum by Teton, also Okuma, and
    an old entry level Hardy. All of my rods are middle priced.Albright,
    Sage Launch, Reddington and an old Orvis. Take a look at the
    Cascapedia by Hardy. Also expensive!!!! I'll say one thing, you
    guys are real hoot. Cheers,


  3. Default Re: Siskiyou Design Reels.

    Yeah, I actually went through a stage where I thought the most expensive gear was best and had to have it. I have owned everything from Sage XP to Winston WT's and top of the line Orvis, G loomis, and others.

    I have also owned some pretty expensive reels.

    While these items have their place, I found that as a poor single dad, I would end up having to sell them to pay those bills that got neglected in order to buy them anyway. Also, I think my skills have improved enough that I can lower end equipment with just as much success.

    One of my absolute favorite rods is a Cabelas Traditional 8.5 foot 5 wt. that I bought for $60. This rod has beautiful action and I just truly enjoy casting it. I guess it is just a matter of taste (and budget) but I can't fathom spending that kind of money any longer.

    Oh, and as far as us being funny? You should try and look past our facial features and see the beauty of our souls.
    All Means All

  4. Default Re: Siskiyou Design Reels.

    Snuffy ... If you would, a favor please. Is this the same outfit who made reels for Winston back in the early 90's. As I recall, they were issued as "Vintage Winston."

    If that is a correct guess, they are absolutely gorgeous. If it's not too much trouble, I would appreciate the info. Thanks ... Doug

  5. Re: Siskiyou Design Reels.


    I do not have the answer to your question. How some
    ever, will go to Siskiyou Design and get the info. Your
    100% about the looks and workmanship of these reels.
    This company specializes in precision medical and industry
    equipment. Their reels are machined and finished to the
    highest standards. The old saying, "You get what you pay for".
    Some guys invest in expensive rods and pay conservative
    prices for reels, others are just the opposite. Whatever
    turns your crank. I guess in some incidents its a matter of
    bragging rights. If you ever get an opportunity to examine
    one of these reels, do so, you will like what you see. I own
    one of their reels and it looks alot like the Hardy Cascapedia.
    Their workmanship and tooling far excede the Hardy reel.
    Also own a Hardy and enjoy it as well. As a matter of fact
    I fish the heck out of both of them. Well Doug, nuff said.


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