I have had my Loon Lochsa 5/6 reel for a few years now and I tend to use my heavier reels more in the area I live. When I first purchased the reel I switched the retrieve and thought I had messed something up because the drag seemed a little sluggish and then the retrieve would spin freely with no resistence at all.

A few weeks ago I decided to send the reel into Loon Outdoors to have it checked and repaired if needed. I sent an email asking how much the repair might cost and I was suprised when they responded it would be free. I sent the reel in and they checked it out and found that it was fine but the spool did not spin to their liking so they replaced the spool at no cost to me at all. The whole process from shipping the reel and getting it back took just over a week. Plus when I opened the box they were nice enough to give me a bottle of Look Aquel Fly Floatant.

I just thought I would post here and let everyone know how good the customer service was and how much I appreciated it. I know some other companies would have charged an arm and a leg just to look at it.....
Thank you Loon Outdoors!!!