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  1. Default Orvis Battenkill large arbor


    I am planing on adding a pair of reels to my equipment for peacock bass, payara and the rest of Orinoco species and also for some inshore saltwater fishing.
    Theres so many reels in the market today but I focused mmy attention on the new saltwater battenkills.
    What do you think of them, are they good, reliable and strong?
    I wanted the vortex also but its heavy, not a good reel to flyfish all day long blind fishing.
    What else do you recomend I plan to buy reels in the 250 to 300 dollars.


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    Hey Armando,
    That is the same reel that I am looking at buying as well.
    I have not heard or seen anything really negative about the reels so far. I have talked to a few people that have them and I hear nothing but good things. I don't think that you will have to worry about weight being an issue for these reels. I think they are pretty light, but I haven't looked at that really. It is an Orvis, so I would say that it is a pretty good reel. I love orvis products, but that's just me.


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    For that Money, You could get a Galvan torque somewhere. Those are awesome reels. Light, and one of the best drag systems ever.

    Another one I would consider Is the Nautilus FW. That reel is sweet. It will stand up to any Freshwater, and any Inshore/Flats Fly fishing circumstance.

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    Default Re: Orvis Battenkill large arbor

    I am in the market for a 10wt. reel to use for muskie fishing and I looked at a the Orvis Battenkill large arbor reel, not a bad reel. But I think the Ross CLA, Galvan Torque, and Nautilus NV and CCF are better reels.

    But for the budget minded individual the Ross CLA and the Orvis Battenkill Large arbor are comparable.

    If you could afford it go with the Galvan Torque.

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    Default Re: Orvis Battenkill large arbor

    Hi Armando,

    You don't say what weight and length of rods you will be using. It is nice to have a light reel but in some cases a too light reel doesn't counter balance the rod. I would rather have a reel that is too heavy than one that is too light. I don't like an outfit that feels tip heavy.

    For the money you won't do much better than the Orvis Big Game. You can however get reels that might be better suited to seriously tough fish. With Peacock in the mix you may be using a 10wt rod. That is if you are fishing South America. With rods of this size you need some weight to the reel. If you look at the great salt water reels of the world you will see that they all are some what heavy compared to freshwater reels. These reels are heavy due to their construction and intended fish.

    The best buy out there right now is the ROSS Momentum that is being discontinued. It is heavy like the Vortex. In the lighter weight reels also look at the Bauer Super Light and the Nautilus Feather Weight Plus.


    Ross Momentum

    Bauer SL

    Nautilus Feather Weight PLUS

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    Hi Thanks for the answers
    I use basically #8 TFO TICR 9" rods here in Colombia, havent had the need to fish with bigger and heavier rods, an 8 delivers a big fly easily and stands for big battles. So the reel I am looking for has to be light 'cause I usually cast all day long, with at least 150 yards backing capacity plus the tropical taper I use.
    The nautilus sounds good to me too, I'll check the Galvan also.

    Thanks again

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