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Thread: 5wt or 6wt

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    I have a 9' 5/6 rod that I want to get a reel for. I am looking at a Lamson Velocity reel and am wondering the advantages of getting a 5 or 6 wt. It will primarily be used for trout fishing in MD and PA streams. Maybe a little pond hoping for samll 2# bass. Thanks.

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    Guess I should have been more specific. Looking at either the 4/5 or 5/6.

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    That is a different question indeed. Get the one that balances the rod best. Make sure to add the weight of the line into the equation.

    The larger one will likely give you more backing capacity and faster line pick-up. The smaller one will, uh, weigh less.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I think you want the velocity II which is for 5/6. I would probably load it with 6 weight line. BTW I live in Columbia, MD and have a Velocity II with 5 weight line so if you want to give it a try drop me a line.

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    I was looking at the 2008 Velocity that has been discontinued. They have some really good deals on that rell right now. Actually looked at the rod tonight and it is actually 8". I looked at the reel at the Urban Angelr and it seems pretty nice. I am thinking the 5/6 would be the most versatile.

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    Actually got the Velocity #2 today. I am now thinking I should have ordred the 1.5 for trout in MD and should be going to a 4 wt.

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    Don't sweat your choice. That's a good all-round outfit for the fishing trout
    and small bass.

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    Ended up with the Velocity 2 and loaded it up with SA Master Series Trout in 5 wt. Tryed the GPX at first but it was just to heavy. Will be on the water in the morning with it.

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