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  1. Default Pflueger Medalist

    I have a yearning to have a medalist "pimped".

    Anyone have a Model #1494 Pflueger Medalist with a 6 rivet spool in mint condition they would like to part with?

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    Default Re: Pflueger Medalist

    Cabelas sells those spools for $12.99. I bet you could find the whole reel on eBay for less.

    I know people rag on these reels because they're just a clicker, but that old school thing works for me, mostly because they're cheap. For the money, they're hard to beat. And they're a blast for bluegill and smallmouth.

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    Default Re: Pflueger Medalist

    I like them because they have a good drag.

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    I think for trout under 15 inches, very few have devised a better reel....(hardy perfect is perfection) But for the price, i think its great..

    Sorry I don't have one im willing to part with

  5. Red face Re: Pflueger Medalist

    Boy, Do i love my 1494,i am but a modest old man with a modest wallet, so the 1494 is the reel for me. I have different reels but they do not get the tlc that i give to 1494. This is a great little reel, i prefer the small ones because i fish alot of small rivers and streams here in NC. and VA. i am looking for some of the older models(USA) made. i have couple that was made in china, work good,but i am biaous. Just had to post this it is meaneless i guess. regards yellowhammer

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    Default Re: Pflueger Medalist

    Just wanted to add that I also love the Medalist. It's what I got started on 40 years ago, and I still use them on a regular basis.

    It is interesting how many people bad mouth them - "You need to get a disk drag, bar stock reel to get started fly fishing for bluegills, let me suggest this $350 model."

    Of course, I'd be willing to wager that more fish have been caught on Medalist reels than any other model of reel ever made. Cheap, dependable, run forever. An American classic, unfortunately no longer made in the good old U.S. of A.

    BTW, you can regularly pick up a vintage model on Ebay. The really nice old ones can get pretty pricey.

    The more you know, the less you need.

    Tenkara Fly Fishing

    Tenkara Fly Fishing Blog

    "People tend to get the politicians and the fishing tackle they deserve" - John Gierach, Fishing Bamboo

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    Default Re: Pflueger Medalist

    I use the 1495 Medalist model on several of my vintage fiberglass rods (Shakespeare Wonderods, Silaflexes, and even Phillipsons). I like the reel a lot. All of mine are vintage reels; most purchased, as others have said, on ebay.

    One of the really nice features of the older Medalist reels is that they have the ability to have weight added to them in a way that doesn't unbalance the reel. This is particularly important when you're fishing one of the earlier fiberglass rods; most notably when it's a solid glass rod; not hollow-built on a mandrel. If you take the two screws out of the cream front cap on the reel, you'll find a hole in the spool axle that will take bb shot. I just add as much shot as I need to balance out the rod that I'm pairing the reel to, add some synthetic batting to prevent the shot from rolling around, replace the front cap, tighten down the screws and that's it; a reel that's balanced to the rod.

    Some people shy away from the heavier vintage fiberglass rods, saying that they get arm-tired quickly. My experience is that if the rod and reel are not balanced; then your arm will get tired quickly. But, even with a heavy rod, if the reel balances it, then you won't get arm-tired. It's primarily the imbalance that tires out your arm; not the total weight of the rod and reel set-up.

    I have five 1495 Medalists, one 1494 and one 1496 and I fish them all - regularly. Unfortunately, none of them are for sale at this time.

    But you'll likely find what you're looking for in a 1494 Medalist, dman, if you keep an eye on ebay. Good luck - it sounds like an interesting project. Maybe some pics for the rest of us when you've sourced one(?)

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    Since you asked ...I just happen to have a picture handy...

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    Default Re: Pflueger Medalist

    Bill does work wonders. I really like that handle.

    The more you know, the less you need.

    Tenkara Fly Fishing

    Tenkara Fly Fishing Blog

    "People tend to get the politicians and the fishing tackle they deserve" - John Gierach, Fishing Bamboo

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