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Thread: What reel?

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    I would give that cortland endurance reel a shot. If you don't want a large arbor reel you can pay much less, but I think they're worth having. Really helpful if a fish runs at you, and also when you need to reel up all your slack line to move spots. Also keeps the line from being in such tight coils which can help it float! (seems strange that spending more on a reel could help your line float better, but it really does)

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    If all you plan to fish for is trout & bluegill then by all means check out either Cabelas & Pfluegger. You really, in my opinion, do not need a disc drag reel to fish for those species. I purchased a Cabelas 3wt travel rod combo to fish specically for bluegill/crappie.

    I grew up on using a Pfluegger 1492 on a 5 wt. rod fishing for bluegill. Cabelas sells them for around $30 I think.

    Also, it is great that you are sharing/teaching. I too love to do that.

    Enjoy fishing for those "little fighters"

    Tie One On

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    It is true that you don't really need a drag for trout but there are other fish that inhabit the same waters and trout such as carp. You get into a good carp on accident you are gonna wish you had that drag. They will show you your backing before you know what has happened.
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    Thanks guys. Looks like it will be the cortland.

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