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    my flyweight just got here, and I really want to thank Mojo and Hardyreels for the recomendation. Its light, its beautiful, and to tell you the truth, i dont care that its not made in the UK. Cant wait to get many years of service from this reel

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    It'll treat you well.
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    I own reels in the TR and Creek series. I have a TR1 that I use for 3 and 4 weight rods. Both are great reels. Personally speaking, I'd have no problem putting a TR2 on any light rod. The smaller reels mentioned no matter what maker wind so many tights loops into the fly line that it creates problems for me in casting. Depending on how long your 2 wt rod is, the balance of the set up likely will dictate how small a reel you want to buy. For any rod 8' or longer, I think you'd like the larger reel like the TR2 or the BBS III.

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    I recall Abel being the "holy grail" of fishing reels when I began fly fishing 20 years ago. With all of the new technology over that span, I'm amazed to see that the sentiment hasn't significantly changed. Abel must be doing something right!

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    I had a hardy lite weight years a go just don't care for a full frame reel , so I have been fishing small Abel's and like them much better. But to each their own. Trouble with flyfishing forums options are like butts everyone has one . You can ask about a certain product and everyone wants to tell you to buy this product or that.
    The poster ask a question about Abel not Hardy or Orvis why is this so hard for you all to understand !!
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    I believe the hardy tr and creek are the basically the same reel mechanically. I have a TR1 use on short 4wt's. I like the way it looks more so then the creek. I usually fish it on a 7'11 4wt sage ll or a 6'6 wts orvis. I will put it on my 8'6 4wt winston biix from time to time also.

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