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Thread: Medalist issue...

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    today when i was out my reel was acting up... when i reeled in it was very choppy and difficult to reel! i put some lube on and it got better, but wasn't 100% any ideas?

    also, whenever i reel in i always seem to make knots.... not bad knots that i have to completely take apart my reel, but bad enough to irritate me while fishing! do i just have to reel in more neatly?

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    are you applying tension as you reel in? i lent a reel to a buddy one day and at the end the coils were loose and there were "knots' at times. arrrrrrrrgh

    if you're right handed and hold the rod with your right hand as i do, try adding tension to the line with your forefinger as you wind with your left hand. i'm just guessing here but it seems when i first started 20 something years ago, i read and adopted that practice but with the advent of the internet and message boards, i have never heard anyone suggest that simple practice.

    a possibility to the choppy feel to the reel (what is it?) is that the cage might have become a tad bent out of shape or the spindle might have been bent.

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    As Ezamora says, loose coils of line will cause tangles. It's also possible that that's the reason for the "choppy" feel when you reel - if the line is loosely wound on the spool (or if it's unevenly wound), it may be coming in contact with the crossbars that hold the reel halves together. Get in the habit of applying tension to the line when you reel in and try to make sure it feeds on evenly.

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    Might be time for a good cleaning of the gears, etc. and relubing.

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    There is not too much that can go wrong with a Medalist, which is why they tend to be very reliable. I'd guess you might be getting you lined piled up in the reel, and it rubs on the frame a bit. Take a look and see if that might be the casee.

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    I would check for sand or debris in back of the spool & on the spindle. If your line isn't contacting the reel frame, the spool isn't bent there's not too much more to go wrong with a Medalist.

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    Did you ever get it solved?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dman View Post
    Did you ever get it solved?
    yeah, i'm goin fishing this weekend, so i played with it last night... and i had trouble getting the spool out... so i just kept taking it in and out a few times just looking it over... i had some (a small bundle) very thin 4lb leader in it, which i couldn't see because of the reel lube!

    final analysis... with my backing and line(8wt) on it its filled pretty much all the way, so when i just left my leader in, i somehow got it knotted... but its all good now!

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