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Thread: Echo Reels?

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    I've seen the review on the Echo Rods but nothing on the reels. Any thoughts?

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    I've read an review from a different forum that did not rate the Echo Reels very highly. I think the main compliant was the composite material of the spool rather than a machined alumium.

    Of course, there are two schools of thought in my eyes reading this review. First, I can see a composite material being lighter and just as durable as alumium. That to me is a good thing. Second, I see the traditional value of a alumium reel and the durability it provides. That's also a good thing.

    All in all, the Echo reels provide the Large Arbor convinence at a reasonable price of $70. That's hard to beat when shopping for a Large Arbor reel. I know I've been researching them for about two months now.

    If you are just starting out I would say this would be the way to go if this fits your needs. The Full Creel offers a 21-Day Test drive of their products so keep that in mind when shopping for your new reel. That way you can see if you actually like it or not.

    If I can find the review I will post/email you with the specifics. I hope this helps.


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    The Echo reels are certainly a value when you look at their price tag of only $69. They're very lightweight and overall they're good reels. However, I do have a couple of problems with them.

    First of all, as Terry mentioned, I don't particullarly care for the composite material reels. They feel like plastic toys. Now, having said that, that is a good material. I'm sure the durability is good, its anti-corrssive and they are very lightweight. I just prefer aluminum. But hey... that's me. I'm sure there are a lot of folks that like that type of material in a fly reel.

    Secondly, When it comes to the spool attaching to the frame, the tollerences are not ver tight. I have had a 3wt fly line to get stuck between the outside edge of the spool and the frame where one of the frame posts fits into the outter groove on the spool. When I would strip line off of the reel, the line would get stuck at that spot. Its not that difficult to pull the line out but is an interuption and a hassle. The diameter of larger fly lines will probably not get stuck.

    When it comes to todays large arbor reels, I still believe the best value on the market is the Cortland Endurance at only $89. Machined aluminum, adjustable disc drag, large arbor, excellent cosmetics, extreme durability, etc... they're great reels. But hey... that's just my opinion.

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    With any composite reel or spool, there are two main things to avoid: wrapping the line and backing too tight, and leaving the reel in extreme heat. (and especially the combination of the two)

    Because the composite/plastic materials can gradually change shape over time when under pressure, avoid wrapping the backing and line extremely tightly onto the reel. The spool being continually squeezed over a long period of time may change its shape.

    Also avoid leaving the reel in a hot vehicle. All plastic based composites will become softer when exposed to extreme heat. The inside of a car on a 102 degree day can easily reach over 130 degrees, and this is just asking for trouble with a composite reel.

    Both of these two factors may be of such little concern to not be cause to avoid buying this reel, but combining the two is just asking for trouble. Tightly wrapped backing can squeeze a spool very tightly, and heating that plastic spool up makes problems even more likely.

    Composite reels are much more popular in northern Europe than they are here, and I think this has a lot to do with the fact that its rare for a reel left in a vehicle to be exposed to such conditions. I agree with Steve, now that the Cortland endurance reel is out, I would sooner trust that reel to survive and thrive where I live.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I just got my cortland endurance reel yesterday from Steve and it looks and feels like a dream to me. I haven't got to use it yet, but I am sure that I am going to like it.May be a couple of weeks before I get a chance to use it but I will post when I do.

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