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View Poll Results: How many spare spools do buy when you buy a reel?

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    Default Re: Why the spare spools?

    Quote Originally Posted by Armando View Post
    I do have extra spools in 4 of my reels, but I stopped with that and now have a reel for each of my lines. Not cheap but I am a reel freak and love to watch them.
    Most of the time in expensive reels theres not much difference between the reel and the spool, I think its ridiculous to buy a spool for 200 dollars, its just a spool! Instead you save a little more and then buy another reel.
    This pays off while fishing and having several rods loaded with diferent working lines.
    I do the same thing. I have reels and rods everywhere. The trick is to never have an equal about of rods and reels. If you always have a rod without a reel or vise versa there is always something to buy!
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    Default Re: Why the spare spools?

    i never buy spare spools--i have spare reels and i have also carried spare lines on saltwater trips in ziplock bags as well as shooting heads--spare spools make sense to me if you dont have a spare reel. A lot of my fishing is from boats so the extra bulk isnt an issue but if i had to pack it in a vest , id still pack a spare line in a ziplok bag with loop connections.
    When trout fishing, ill pick a rod/reel/line suited for the day and never think about changing a line during the fish.
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    Default Re: Why the spare spools?

    Where are these $50 Ross Rhythm spare spools?!
    We're all in the same boat. We all come 'ere and we don't know why. We all go in our turn and we don't know where. If you are a bit better off, be thankful. And if you don't get into trouble an' make a fool of yourself, well, be thankful for that,'cos you easily might.--J.B.Priestley

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    Default Re: Why the spare spools?

    I bought a few Rhythm reels, and spare spools.
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    Default Re: Why the spare spools?

    I just get spare reels (multiples of same size/model). I can carry just a spool to swap out on stream if wading, or an entire reel as a backup in case of malfunction (depending on species).

    Or I can rig it up up with a spare rod if fishing from a boat or truck on the beach.


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    Default Re: Why the spare spools?

    I no longer buy spare spools for several reasons.

    1. Sinking leaders - A wallet full of sinking leaders is cheaper than a spare spool, backing, and line. With loop to loop connections, leader changes are fast.

    2. Boats in General - It's much faster to grab the other rod than it is to change spools.

    3. Stillwater - I always have two rods on the tube or pontoon boat. One has a floating line, and the other usually has an intermediate sink line. If I need my fly to drop faster, I will use a sinking leader with the intermediate line. Plus fish can change eating habits from subsurface to surface or vice versa in a moment's notice. I can change my presentation at a moment's notice, too.

    4. Driftboat - It's more convenient to have one rod rigged for dry and the other rigged for wet (tip line, full sink, or floater for nymphing).

    5. Saltwater - Nothing is more brutal than saltwater fly fishing. Rods break. Knots break. Disc drags burn out. If one goes fishing with only one rod, that person could be out for a short vacation. Since a second rod will be rigged up already, there is no use for a spare spool.


  7. Default Re: Why the spare spools?

    Guess I will open this thread again. I buy a spare spool so I have a floating and sinking line in the same weight and on the same rod and reel. I find I use my sinking lines more on warm water lakes, ponds, and rivers. I catch very few bass, BG's and crappie on top water flies.

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