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    Default cheap junkie reel?

    That's right! I want one!
    Honestly I have had less than a hand full of fish on the reel when bringing them in, including 3 pound smallies. So why would I spend so much money on a reel that basically holds the line for me...
    Anyone know of a good Old-fashioned clicker reel for under 20 bucks? I don't think I need to spend more than that for gills and sunfish... I know they are out there, just can't find them anywhere...

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    Default Re: cheap junkie reel?

    For sheer durability get a Pfluger Medalist. Slightly more than $20.00 but worth it. They are built like cannons, to last forever.......They will be perfect for what you want...
    Pflueger Medalist Rim Control Fly Reels at - America's Tackle Shop!

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    Re: cheap junkie reel?

    Try E Bay.there is some in that price range.

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    Default Re: cheap junkie reel?

    pflueger medalist is a good way to go. i think this site's fly shop offers(offered) a cortland mosquito... about $25. well, the full creel fly shop has it for $26.95. classic looking clicker reel.

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: cheap junkie reel?

    I was just going to reply to your note to tell you to get a Pfluger Medalist (1492 or 1494) but several have beat me too it. THe design of this reel is an American classic, unfortunately like everything else, they aren't built here any more.

    Although this is just an educated guess, I think there have been more fish landed on the medalist model of reel than any other reel ever made. Any other contender come to mind?

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    Default Re: cheap junkie reel?

    Thanks for the replies...
    Yeah, I have a medalist. I have an old Martin reel that is about as basic as you can get... Looking for something even cheaper. I saw a clear creek caddis for 15 bucks... Might be what I'm talking about... Literally just something that holds line... It kills me to see these very expensive reels for fly fishing and know that their design is SO simple and much easier to build than any spinning reel yet they are 12 times as much! Sorry I may be off here, but I've never understood that. Only thing I can think of is that they must charge more because not as many people buy them?
    Now for tarpon or shark, even steelies, I can understand getting a decent reel with a good drag, but for most fish I target, a drag in not needed.

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    Default Re: cheap junkie reel?

    If it's a clicker you want, I've seen the Shakespeare 1094 pop up online for ten bucks several times. I have three of them. If you never fight a fish on the reel, then they're alright for the price.

    I found one for ten bucks, but shipping puts it at $16.50.

    Shakespeare Fly Fishing Reel

    If you want something even cheaper, check Google for crappie reels. Some of them are really just fly reels. And if you're into the super cheap, there is a composite (plastic) reel that I often find for five bucks, sometimes even less.
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