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Thread: guide repair

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    if a guide is broken or loose on a fly rod, how do you remove the epoxy and wraps in order to repair it?

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    hair dryer aimed at thread wraps on high but not too long. too hot to touch is too hot. then quickly use an x-acto or other small sharp blade and cut on top of a foot towards the guide frame. carefully but surely. slicing away from the guide leads to chance of nicking the blank.

    once sliced, you should be able to use your fingernail to pull the threads off. you'll have to hit it with the dryer a few times per foot. denatured alcohol rub with rag or paper towel can help remove residual finish. or more heat and fingernail or piece of plastic. it'll take some time to remove all. if you're not careful you can remove some of the paint but once rewrapped should cover it fine.

    fresno, ca.

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    I had to have one repaired last year. My local shop charged me $9.95.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ab4usa View Post
    I had to have one repaired last year. My local shop charged me $9.95.
    Man that was a heck of a deal if he had to re-wrap it. Can you tell anything was done to it? Do the thread wraps match?


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