here is alittle tid bit that i would like to toss on the water, if you are having trouble getting the color of toneing, i have alittle formular that i use. It is very good especially when trying to match up abutt,middle or tip. Its called bamboo tone. there iare serveral different ways to get the tone you want none of them are real easy,bamboo does not stain well, there are different type of stain on the ,mkt. that will change the color but i have found that it does not work good. you can flame the outside of the clun and get a good tone, i found it to be not for me. Also you can use the ammonia method, but be very careful with this as the fumes can be vea pmry harmful, also you could end up making abomb. just a little jest. if you are interested in my stuff give me apm. regards yellowhammer