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    Put me on the list.
    Very timely. I am just starting to get my act together to build my first rod. Lets do it!

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    Hey, count me in as well. I am very excited about making my own rod.

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    I am seeing many posts about how to get started. I have a few suggestions since I had nothing better to do today than try and put a buy list together. Being a newbie these sites helped me a bunch.
    1) Go to the Hook and Hackle company website and on the left you will see a tab "About Rod Building". It has several small quick lessons that are very informative.

    Rod Building Instructions

    2) Go to J. Stockard Flyfishing website and check out the Rod Building tab. Start with a blank then at the bottom it will give you suggestions on items to go with the component. Once you start trying to put components together, if you read the descriptions for the compnents it kinda falls in place as they offer suggestions on what to purchase to match various items. They also offer a complete rod kit that takes pretty much all the guess work out of it.

    JS Fly Fishing: Rod Building Supplies, Fly Tying Materials

    3) Check out the 21 step by step videos on Youtube. The 1st is titled:

    Building your first Fly Rod - Part 1

    After you find it, watch it and the next section should load at the end. If not just change the 1 to 2 etc...21

    Here is the 1st link.

    [ame=]YouTube - Building your first Fly Rod - Part 1 - Introduction[/ame]

    That should keep you occupied for the next couple days. Then come back and ask questions.

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    Being a rod builder and leader of a project healing waters rod building class I would Luke to offer up help to anyone that is interested in building their own rods. I love to do it and love to help others whenever I can!

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    I am a newbie to this website, Have built a few things in the past and found this thread very informative. Built a fly rod more than 30 years ago in high school and enjoyed it very much. Am watching this with intrigue to see how this all come together for everyone involved. Nice to become acquainted with some of the regulars here who are contributing.

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    Count me in...

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    The thread is almost 4 years old so I don't think the build along is happening.
    - William

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    While the original let's build a rod post is four years old, many of us are navigating the early stages, and building our first rods every day. Don't let that stop you from building one! We, on this board, are always here to help in the building of your first or fiftieth rod! If you have questions, or need help, please don't hesitate to post on here! Someone will be with you shortly, and help you through the rough spots ... and celebrate the completion of that build!
    Auntie Em
    Don't look back ... we ain't goin' that way!

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    It has been 2 years since the last post and I think bonjonjovi's post was the most helpful one. I came upon this thread since I'm looking for something that might come in handy in teaching 8-12 years old fishing since I was asked by my relatives to take their son in doing recreational activities.

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    I have to say this was a really interesting thread. I will definitely jump on board if you folks decide to do this again.

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