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Thread: Noob question

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    I just got through building my fly rod in an unconventional manner using spinning guides instead of fly guides and it casts both exceptionally well.

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    I don't think there is really any difference between spinning a fly rods. Head over to There is tons of good info on there.

    I'd agree, don't put a timeline on it. With that said the time really varies. The first rod I did took me an entire weekend to wrap the guides. I did some really crazy wraps for a first rod. The second two rods went much faster, the wraps were really simple. If you are buying a pre-made handle the assembly is fairly easy. If you are buying rings of cork to make a handle it will take a while longer. In my opinion one of the biggest time part is just waiting. Put epoxy on in 30 min and then wait 12 hours.

    Its a lot of fun building a rod. To me the biggest differences between a factory rod and a custom rod is craftsmanship and customization. Mainly the customization. You can only buy a factory rod with the handle they make and the guides they pick and things like that. If you build you have tons and tons options from handle shape to thread color.

    Also you can save some money with some research. An example: I just started building a TFO Pro Series rod for about the same cost that you could buy it. But I could have found a blank that performs just as good for half the price or less. You can't buy a pre-made rod on some of those blanks.

    I fly tie not to save money but because I enjoy the craftsmanship and catching fish on something I made. The same holds true for rod building. If you are like me you will enjoy rod building.

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    I say do it. Do it and don't stress about the time. It will be worth it.

    I built my first (an 8wt) last November and really enjoyed fishing it for steelhead. I built 2 more in December - a 5wt and 3wt both of which were a great to build and great to fish with. I broke the tip off my 5wt picking ice off it. As we speak the last coat of epoxy is drying on its replacement. I have a 6wt blank and two bamboo blanks waiting in the wings.

    Needless to say I really enjoyed the building process. Take your time, pack your wraps tightly, don't be afraid to cut them off and start again.

    Don't underestimate the value of building it yourself. It will add a lot to your fishing, as you may already know if you tie your own flies. I fished my 5 and 3wts in Colorado for a day while visiting my brother in January and, even though I didn't catch anything, I enjoyed fishing the rods I'd built. A lot more satisfaction than fishing one I bought. That said, I look forward to seeing how they look with a nice bend in them.

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