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Thread: Cork repair

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    Never Mind
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    Steve, you probably didn't get an answer because the solution was too simple
    Just glue the pieces back together with epoxy. I've done it many times.
    Force the epoxy between the cracks and wipe off any excess. Then wrap some masking tape around the glued areas to clamp everything together.
    After it's all set up, remove the tape and sand off any "goofs" as necessary.
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    I didn't reply because I have never had to repair a grip. I have replaced them but not had one come undone on a rod. RIP has given a good fix.


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    Thanks Hardy and Rip, I had never had to repair one either and a frend of mine said the same as Rip so i epoxyed it.
    No Big deal. I appercaite you guys answerin tho.

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