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Thread: fly/spin combo

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    This rod was built for both a shop in Montana and for myself to see if i could come up with a viable product. We have all seen the fly/spin combo before and the Daiwa executive being the old standard. The problem before was that all though they were good spinning rods they were lousy fly rods. In one of my Rodmaker magazines Tom talked about how to make a "good" combo rod. I used that info and came up with this rod. It casts a 4wt line very decently(40-50' no problem or weird casting stroke) and spin cast a lure 0f 1/16 oz-3/8 oz with ease. I used a thin wall aluminum tube to mount the handle/reel seat on and ferruled both ends. I then cut off the length of the handle on the butt section of the blank and male ferruled it. For the guide placement i used the 27x system for a 1000 series spinning reel.
    Blank-Tiger eye-7'6" 3/4 wt
    reel seat- Fuji 16 mm DPS
    guides- Flexlites
    Grip- CF wells when fly fished and straight whe spin set up

    not a great pic
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    Oh wow, that looks very interesting.
    I did have a question about the offset line guides, but in hindsight, I dont think it would matter.
    Looks good. I like the handle configuration.

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    I'm impressed with your ingenuity on the handle configuration, but I'd rather have the same exact rod with Tennessee style sliding bands on cork-

    Fly line REALLY shoots through those spinning style guides.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    While that is impressive, but I would choose something that had a grip more like cliff posted. I just much prefer cork to anthing else.

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    I thought about going Tennesse handle but do not like slip rings as they have a tendency to loosen during fishing. Most of the people I build that style of handle for spinning do not like them for the same reason and choose to electrical tape them on to the handle. Wood reel seat inserts are much better at not loosening with slip rings though as you get no compression from the cork or EVA. As far as using cork, I build grips from all types materials; wood, cork, composite cork,EVA and the carbon fiber. The customer chooses what they want. More and more are choosing the carbon fiber because of its advantages as a handle material. It is extremely light weight, more rigid than cork or eva giving it much more sensitivity, cheaper to make than true flor grade cork($2per 1/2" of handle for true flor rings at the cheap end when you can find it), and much more durable. True it is not neccessarily the most asthetic material, but in most ways it is the most functional. I have display rods plus extra handles so customers can see and feel what they want. Once most people feel or cast a rod with CF grips they are sold on them. I have( are you ready for the sacrilege) even had a few customers regrip their bamboo rods with a brown/black CF weave grip.

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