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Thread: Just bought my first Blank

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    Default Re: Just bought my first Blank

    I apologize for the long delay in updates on this thread.
    I did receive the blank back right before I went on a construction mission but due to some issues was unable to post picks of it.

    As i said beer with me because this will be a slow build.
    What I have so far is an all metal up locking real seat.
    My 9' 4 pc 2wt.
    Im not sure how many guides I need or if I have the right ones.
    All the guides I have were salvaged off of broken rods.
    I still need to get some birch bark for the grip.
    Now with out further a due I will try to post the pics in this thread.

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    Default Re: Just bought my first Blank

    Looks great! That is a lot of guides

    If you're looking for a way to determine where to place guides and what size they should be, check out the program linked here. You plug in your rod's specs (length and wt) as well as how many guides you want, I take the length of the rod in feet and add one.

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    Default Re: Just bought my first Blank

    Thanks for the link William.
    Ill be looking into that this week.
    I am excited to get started on this build.
    Ill have some time here to work on it this coming month.

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    Default Re: Just bought my first Blank

    Don't say you weren't warned what happens when you put a blank in a guys hands!!

    Enjoy your build!! Keep pictures coming! Also check out the building section on Hook and Hackle. All the "distances", and numbers of, and size numbers, are included there.

    Have fun!

    ps ... FLW MO?

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    Default Re: Just bought my first Blank

    I checked out the link to the program an used it.
    I worked out really well an was almost exactly like what hook an hackle had on their site.

    FLW MO is
    Fort Leonard Wood Missouri.

    Im still working on getting birch for my handle.
    I had one fellow member recommend some on eBay. But the link was not working.
    Im hoping to get some soon. Im still looking but not sure what Im looking for.

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    Hey Dave, sorry the link didn't work. Try this one.

    Birch Bark knife fly rod handle | eBay

    As far as the process to build a birch bark grip, it is quite a bit more complex/time consuming than cork grips. You really have to have a lathe in my opinion. Home built lathes are great for soft cork, but birch bark is MUCH harder and will requite a much sturdier tool to work it with.

    I recommend searching the Rod Building Forum for help with the process of building the grip. Or if you want to email me, I can walk you through it. PM for email if you want.

    Rod Building (Powered by Invision Power Board)

    Really looking back on it, I would say you might be better off making your own cork grip first, then make the next step building a BB grip. This would teach you a lot of the principles of making a grip without the extra work for the BB. Just a suggestion. Again, I can walk you through this as well before you dive in if you want. Just let me know.


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    Default Re: Just bought my first Blank

    You're just catty-wumpus in the state from me! And you have some incredible blue ribbon streams within a stone throw from you!
    Looking forward to seeing that finished rod.

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    Default Re: Just bought my first Blank

    Thanks Jason
    then new link to the BB worked. Ill be ordering some soon as I get paid.
    I have been working with wood since i could walk so Im fairly sure Ill be able to make the BB handle. I just like the look of it better.

    Thanks Em. I have been on a few of the blur ribbon streams so far.
    I prefer warm water fish instead. I really love to get bluegill an crappie.
    I want to start targeting bass here soon as well.
    If your ever in the area hit me up an maybe we can go sling some flies.

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    Default Re: Just bought my first Blank

    Sorry it has been so long since an update. I will build the rod one day. I am currently out of the army and I am full time college. Between that an helping family I don't have a lot of free time. My priority right now is to get my degree and then a good job. After that I hope to be able to build the rod. Thanks for following

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