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Thread: Ebay Glass

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    And you didn't tell me about these blanks??? I'm crushed!!!!

    Very nice build. It'll be fun to get it out on the water!
    Don't look back ... we ain't goin' that way!

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    I happen to love that grip. Nice work from someone who is obvious a master. Or at the very least way more skilled than I can hope to be anytime soon.


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    Sorry Em about not letting you know about them but right now they (blue halo) has these blanks on sale for $75. They call them first generation. They now have new ones out with buttover ferrules instead of spigot and supposedly a little lighter and more full flexing than the first gen...a more traditional glass action. I need to get a hold of Cort and see if they are going to get in any 7\8 wts in.
    Thanks every body for the nice words about the rod and grip. My first priority is always function,then aesthetics. Some do intricate thread work, I do grips and reel seats to set my work apart.

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