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    Default Saltwater Rod Build

    Well after alot of contomplation i have decided that instead of buying my Saltwater rod i have decided i want to build it as it allows me to build it to my standards and spec.
    I havent built a rod before so will use this thread to ask questions and advice
    i'll be buiding a 3wt trout rod before building my saltwater rod
    first of i am going to buy a Sage Xi3 9ft 9wt blank or a 10wt Sage One ( color Black and Titanium )
    i want the guides to be solid titanium if possible
    colors will be Blue/Titanium
    I want to turn the cork myself as am picky how the handle feels
    Cost isnt much of a issue as i will build it slowly and want the best i can
    I would like a fighting butt

    What are your suggestions and where is the best place to purchase the parts

    Many thanks
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    Default Re: Saltwater Rod Build

    This will be a good spot to "one stop shop"

    Custom Fishing Rod Building & Tackle Crafting Supply |

    However I would srongly advise that you get a few builds under your belt before building on any of those Sage blanks you talked about. Youll want to hone your skills before building on a $400 blank right out of the gate.

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    Default Re: Saltwater Rod Build

    Thanks i am planning on building a few rods first as also want a 3wt and 5 wt for fishing the little streams. and a 6pc 5 wt for keeping in my pack when i travel ( some beautifull srteams in France and Spain i want to cast a few flies on).
    Any Good blanks in a 3wt 4pc and a 5wt 6pc (ideally under $80)
    Live,Love,and Fish

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    Default Re: Saltwater Rod Build

    IMO, you should build a "kit' for your first rod
    Rod building can be pretty easy, but there is a learning curve that building with a kit can help along by having everything laid out for you. When you get to your second rod, you'll want to customize different things, but with the first, it's just easier.
    Hook&Hackle has their top of the line kits on sale this weekend.
    They're a good company to deal with, you won't be sorry.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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