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Thread: wood grip

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    How do the wood grips feel with wet hands?
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    My wood grips have not been 'slippery' in use, even with wet hands. My grip feels secure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sunkfly View Post
    I wouldn't worry about the lower grip on a two-handed rod coming apart if the wood was chosen carefully and if it were prepared and installed well. But I'd be thoughtful about putting a lengthy piece of wood at the upper end of a grip likely to see some heavy duty use --.
    Yup. When I did the grip in the bottom of my 15' meiser, I made it from a number of different woods. It's the plywood principle. The heavy duty use thing needs to given consideration for the accidental fish. I have caught several Pike in the 40" zone with my 5 wt. You might think, "Oh, it's just a 5 wt.. Little fish won't hurt it." Then you hook some monster and your grip is blasting splinters into your hand.

    All on my 5wt.:

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    Nice fish! I can see how a particular wood grip might fail with one of those, or how a light and strongly bent blank might fail near the grip with one of those fish attached. So far, though I've caught sizable fish on my lightest rod with a wood grip, I haven't had a blank fail.

    I chose the maple because it tends to be a pretty strong wood if it's not burled, and because the curly maple I used seemed to echo the cork rings used in a conventional grip. Couldn't figure out how to get an image into a post, but I did get one into the gallery where I could retrieve it with a search on my username. This rod was made up about 5(?) years ago. It has not been mistreated, but hasn't received any special care or maintenance either.

    Last edited by sunkfly; 12-03-2012 at 11:27 AM. Reason: Added photo. Thanks Ard.

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    Hi Sunkfly,

    Try this for help posting. A Few Tips For Posting Pictures To The Forums;


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