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williamhj 12-21-2012 09:53 AM

A Rod for my Wife
Here are some pictures of a rod I made for my wife for her birthday this month. She's never fly fished and has occasionally expressed some interest, but feels bad for the fish. I have no illusions of her really getting into it, but it's something I really love doing and thought she might be interested in experiencing what I enjoy so much. Whenever we go for a hike in my favorite fishing spots, she feels relaxed and I think she'd love being in the water. Water is what she misses most from the Midwest.

It's an 8'6" blank from Ye Olde English Fly Shop rated as a 4/5wt. The blank, wraps, and case are blue, her favorite color. As she's a Duke grad I used white for the trim wraps and the decal (from Charlie at Golden Touch Decals). Snake brand guides and tip-top and the stripping guide comes from a flea market in the small town in Northern Wisconsin, where her parent's have a cabin. The grip is blond burl cork with rubberized cork ends and the reel seat is an A-5 from Dave Winslow with a redwood insert. Reel is from the Angler's Roost and the line is an Orvis Clearwater 4wt.

Thanks for looking! Comments/feedback welcome.

wt bash 12-21-2012 09:58 AM

Re: A Rod for my Wife
Very nice man! I really like the looks of the burled cork grip very sharp ad classy.

dean_mt 12-21-2012 10:23 AM

Re: A Rod for my Wife
Super nice looking rod, William!

How is it to recess the burl cork ring for the reel seat hood? I was considering doing it, and now I can pick your brain. I'm with wt_bash, that grip is real purty!

williamhj 12-21-2012 10:39 AM

Re: A Rod for my Wife
Thanks for the kind words, Dean and wt_bash!

The recess is in the rubberized cork ring on the end of the grip. I like putting these on both ends, but especially on the reel seat end. They help prevent the cork from chipping away either during the recessing process or just through regular wear. That said, it's not bad to recess. Once the grip is glued up and shaped, I start with drill bits a touch larger than the hole in the ring and work my way up using regular bits than spade bits. I just hold the grip in my hands, not the best but it works! Once I'm a bit smaller than the needed ID I switch to a sanding drum. I find the spade bit can leave a rough edge and the sanding drum helps me smooth out the edges as I increase the recess to the needed ID.

swirlchaser 12-21-2012 10:44 AM

Re: A Rod for my Wife
I like it William! The grip and the reel seat match perfectly, wraps are tight and the finish is clean and level. Nice job.

mcnerney 12-21-2012 02:02 PM

Re: A Rod for my Wife
William: That is one sweet looking rod! Your wife is in for a big surprise, I hope she enjoys it.


Pocono 12-21-2012 03:21 PM

Re: A Rod for my Wife
Nice looking rod there, williamhj!

With that rod in hand, I'm sure that she'll be won over to the sport in short order this Spring. A great gift idea!


oarfish 12-21-2012 05:21 PM

Re: A Rod for my Wife
It shows that you love your wife.

caseywise 12-21-2012 05:33 PM

Re: A Rod for my Wife
great looking rod william!
the blue and white on the dark blue looks great, as does the grip:teef:
i think your wife will love it(and hopefully catch the ffshing bug:p).


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