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    Default Scratch repair ?

    I acquired a very nice used rod that has a scratch/scrape, perhaps 1" long, 3/8" wide. It doesn't appear to have done any structural damage, rather, it just... scraped a bit. Looks like someone brushed it up against something. It's a cosmetic issue.

    Question: first, is it worthwhile even trying to "make it look better" or is it wiser just to leave it alone and consider it a war wound while moving on? I have some PermaGloss but don't want to make an otherwise nice looking rod a basketcase with a small patch job.

    I can't be the first to ask this question. Ok, maybe I am "the rookie". Regardless, opinions and advice sincerely appreciated.

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    Default Re: Scratch repair ?

    It's pretty hard to fix something like that without making it look like a fix. You may be just trading which style blemish you have.

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    Default Re: Scratch repair ?

    I'd try waxing it with a good paste wax.
    That surely won't hurt it and may make it look better.

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    Default Re: Scratch repair ?

    I have used swirl remover, sold at automotive stores, to remove small scratches. Then you might follow up with wax. It might remove some of the visual ugly.

    Where is is located? Maybe a wrap and finish over it.


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