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    I've been looking at building a fly rod (or two). I've made a couple larger ones for striper fishing, but I want to make a nicer fancier one for trout fishing. The first will be a 9' 5wt.

    I am interested in the Dan Craft blanks, they get good reviews without being super pricy and are made in the US. However, I can't really figure out which one to get, and the website isn't very good. I want something medium to medium fast action.

    I have found some reviews of the FT as being super fast, and the Sig V as being more reasonable. I am not sure how the boron ones (for which I can't find any mention at all on the internet), the gxt, and ftxl fit in.

    Which one would you guys recommend? Has anyone used the boron one?

    I am also interested in making a 9'-10' 6wt for streamers and maybe carp.

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    Default Re: Dan Craft Line Up

    I've not seen the Dan Craft blank either but have also read good things about them. So I can't help there, but I did just buy quite a few components from him for the rod I am getting started on.

    You are right, the website leaves a lot to be desired. But if you call him he is a very helpful guy and knows everything that he has. He also was really helpful with the reel seat that I ordered which took a long time to get, I called and talked to him a few times and he even called me back about a question. Give him a call, very helpful guy and you cannot beat his prices on just about everything.

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    Default Re: Dan Craft Line Up

    I know its not a Dan Craft blank, but I have built several medium fast rods on Mudhole MX fly blanks and they are nice. They are not expensive and Mudhole is very easy to deal with. You can buy just the blank or the entire kit.

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