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    Default Re: Just finished a new toy.

    Quote Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
    If there's a thread you can't get in town let me know. We've got a store close by and it would be easy to drop in the mail. My wife has started making rod bags for me. Look good sizd right, and tons of color options.
    Hey thanks for the offer. As it stands, I can't get any thread in town. The recession has killed both places we had. I have to make a run South to Bemidji here in a week or so, and I'll do some shopping.

    I forgot to mention in that last post, the extra cap in the photo is for the tube for my 10 wt. Winston. I make labels for the end caps. I haven't done it on this one yet, might not. They do look really good and have a clean professional look to them.

    The label on the sock is easy to do. I do my own T-Shirts the same way. I either freehand the pattern or do it on the computor. I print it on the dull side of freezer paper and cut out the letters with an X-acto knife saving the centers of the letters like o's and a's. I also back the freezer paper with a sheet of printer paper (a little bit of tape in the corners) so it will go though the printer. Then I iron the paper where I want the letters to go and iron back in the centers of the letters. I put a piece of cardboard on the back side of the cloth to keep bleed through from wrecking something, and then use clothing paint and a sponge brush to paint them in. Once the letters are done, may take more than one coat, and dry just peel the paper off. You can even do layers. Beats the setup charge thay want for silk screening.

    When I first came up with the idea for doing it I thought I was so brilliant. "What a great invention!" It was not more than a week later I was at a garage sale and saw a book about clever ways to do T-Shirts. My invention was on something like page 6. Oh well.

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    Default Re: Just finished a new toy.

    beautiful rod dan...hope it catches you many fish...t

    ted...trout bum/wandering monk
    public water 20"er
    public land pope & young

    Breac à linne, slat à coille is fiadh à f́reach - mèirle às nach do ghabh gàidheal riamh nàire.
    a fish from the river, a rod from the woods and a stag from the mountain , thefts ne'er a Gael was ashamed
    ...and old gaelic proverb...

    my blog & website

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    Default Re: Just finished a new toy.

    Dan: Awesome looking rod, you have certainly outdone yourself!

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    Default Re: Just finished a new toy.

    Hi Dan.
    Lovely Looking Rod,even though I didn't make The Remarks about not having too many Rods I seem to also fit into That Catagory with many more of my Compadres here.

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    Default Re: Just finished a new toy.

    Awesome rod

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