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    Default Re: What do you need to start?

    Quote Originally Posted by petee View Post
    Easy way out: $179.00 + tax & shipping Rod Wrapping and Drying Equipment Everything you need, but the blank and components. No need to get a power wrapper. Personal opinion: they are mainly for guys wrapping deep water boat rods with the double wraps and all.
    This is a very good package to get started with, quality materials that will last you. But if you want to piece together everything go to ebay. Search and you shall find everything at attractive prices. Google fishing rod building and you will find more than you can ever read about how to do build a rod step by step. I bet you can even find step by step on this forum. I just didn't search this forum. Go to Youtube and find all the instruction you need including one that has about 20 steps to guide you through.

    If you tie flies then you already know that you can spend much more than you need. Well building rods is the same. Just another addiction. When you build the rod and the fly, it just seems more rewarding when landing that fish.

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    Default Re: What do you need to start?

    Just out of curiosity ... did you happen, just happen, to read the two headers at the top of the rod building section?
    The first on is titled:"Let's Build a Rod Together". The second one it titled: "Let's do it again..."
    Just about every question asked here has been answered in one or both of those posts.
    It's easy. It's fun to do. Try it .... you'll like it!

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    Default Re: What do you need to start?

    Knowledge! When your making your first rod you'll run into many situations where you second guess your technique/method and the only way to resolve this as a first time builder is to read as much as you can and watch as many examples of the rod building process as you can. You will soon learn that every builder has his own taste and tricks/tips when building a rod, that's what makes it your rod!

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