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Thread: Bamboo Tapers?

  1. Default Bamboo Tapers?

    Could anyone tell me what would be a good length and taper for a 4 weight bamboo rod?

    I really appreciate any input!
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    Default Re: Bamboo Tapers?

    I like the Wayne Cattanach 7042 or the Sir D 7042. Both cast very well and the 7042 has a great hinge designed in it for roll casting.


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    Default Re: Bamboo Tapers?

    Paul Young's Perfectionist is a favorite of mine.
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    Default Re: Bamboo Tapers?

    I suggest the Payne 100 taper (7.5', 2 piece 4 weight) - very versatile and an excellent dry fly / light nymph rod. Depending on you budget, either look for an original Payne OR have a custom Bamboo rod builder make you one. Send me a PM if you need some recommendations on the builders.

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    Default Re: Bamboo Tapers?

    I very much agree with either the PHY Perfectionist or the Payne 100 tapers. Both are outstanding and classic. There are several modern makers of this taper that do them extremely well.

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    Thanks for the responses!

    Could anyone tell me in what units we are measuring the stresses upon the fly rod?

    The online taper archive lists these as F [b] . Is this foot pounds?

    I have slept since my last physics course, I realize Garrison and Carmichael listed these in ounces per square inch.

    Also, I am interested in a four piece rod. Would this have any bearing on your recommendations?

    Thanks for any and all input!
    "This house is where I take my natural rest, but my home is out there, beyond the back door." ~Albert "Salmo" McClain, 1965

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    Default Bamboo Tapers?

    4 piece will be a bit on heavy side for a 4wt with all of the ferrules you will need. That is also a lot of work and not sure you like the action of all of those ferrules I would still recommend the Sir D taper.

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