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  1. Default How to replace a cheap handle & Butt?

    Where can you recommend I go to pick out a better quality handle & butt?

    How do I remove a handle & butt?

    I have about 3 weeks before a big trip of a week's fishing.
    I'd like to improve what I have.

    Thanks guys.
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    Default Re: How to replace a cheap handle & Butt?

    I did this once on an old Browning fly rod. I am not a rod builder and it wasn't too bad.

    To remove the old one, I used an old pot and stuck the cork and butt in the boiling water for a few minutes. That loosened the epoxy enough to allow me to remove it.

    I ordered cork and a reel seat from JStockard but there are lots of options out there. Mudhole, Hook & Hackle have rod building supplies. I'm sure some of the builders can give you other ideas. You might want to pick up a reamer to allow you to get the cork the right diameter for the blank to fit into.

    I used 30 minute epoxy if I remember right.
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    Default Re: How to replace a cheap handle & Butt?

    The boiling water will work on the seat. If you are saving the seat stick it inside a couple of plastic bags. Boiling water and seat finishes don't mix too well. Once the epoxy softens, don't twist when you remove the seat. Easy way to splinter the blank.

    As for the handle. There is no way to save the cork, so you can kind of grind it off with some pliers. Once the majority of removed, you can shave it off with a razor blade. Then heating the old epoxy with a hair dryer can help you scrape off the remaining epoxy easier.

    When you ream the new handle don't make it too loose. Just go snug, but not too tight. Too tight and you will squeegy off the epoxy and the handle may eventually work loose.

    Good luck,

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