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    What is used on each section, those little dots, that aleign each section

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    On my Orivs rods I use the little dots, on the rest I just try to align the guides up the best I can, in the big scheme of things I don't think it really makes all that much difference unless maybe you are a distance casting fanatic.

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    Welcome to the forum. Where are you located?

    If I understand you right, you want to know what they used to make the dots. If you are building a rod, you can do two coats of finish. Between coats, use a straight pin and gold model paint and make the dots using the head. If you have access to dry transfer letters, you can also use the periods and then do the second coat over them. Just make sure you have everything lined up. Once the second coat is on, they are there forever.

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    ive made my own alignment dots using testors enamel model paint on my 4 piece rods that do not have them.
    i prefer not to overcoat in case i may want to re-sell the rod.



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    Yep. Tiny dot of Testors paint ... or ... nail polish ... or ... Sharpie pen (all kinds of wonderful colors now available! Have fun with them!) You don't have to be conventional!!

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    I mark measuring dots on mine- you can do 10,11, 12 inches if you're on the east coast- or 16-20, etc. if you're in Colorado... Anyway, I use Pilot markers, silver and gold metallic. Just touch the rod with the tip and it leaves a nice dot.

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    Thanks to all for the great info.

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