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    Personal Opinion: That Mudhole wrapper looks like a PITA to wrap tips and first guides on. I would look or make one that gets the thread closer to the tip without a ton of overhang. That and you might want to make some additional rests to support the blank sections when you have quite a bit of overhang. Just a thought. Not the best picture of my wrapper, but hopefully the visual will clear up my babbling:
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    I see what you mean. I remember that picture from your thread on your rod building shack. Pretty impressive.

    I am now leaning towards the Eco-Wrapper which has gotten great reviews.

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    IMHO make your own....a bit of 1X and after you are done you will have much better overview as to what is going on...

    wrap a few guides dry for starters...there is no offense at untying and re tying...

    the same jig you use to help wrap will also be a valuable tool in spinning on some finish or epoxy...also make some extra stands for longer spins...especially for the epoxy process if you go that route...
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