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    Default Replacing a reel seat/uplocking hardware

    This is not really about building a rod nor am I a rod builder, but I figured this would be the best location to ask this question:

    About a year ago, I bought a nice 8ft 5wt bamboo rod from a gentleman in TN. The hardware is good, it casts well (although a bit slower than I'm used to but that's good). The one ding I have on it is the uplocking hardware. the tolerance between the reel seat band (?) and the fine threads is very tight. No play whatsoever. So, when I fished with it, I torqued down the uplocking nut. I couldn't get it off because the tolerance is so tight that it wedged the back of the band on the threads and would not come off. It took a screw driver and a hammer to remove it so I could get the reel off.

    I like the look of the reel seat, it matches the pale blond blank really well. I'm NOT happy with the uplocking. I've discussed this with a buddy who builds rods (not bamboo) and he said he MIGHT be able to replace it. I can't get in touch with the builder (lost his contact info).

    Is it possible to remove the seat and uplockhardware from the handle and not damage the rod? I'm OK with a new reel seat, but I don't want to destroy anything in the handle or the blank.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Replacing a reel seat/uplocking hardware

    The first thing that I'd try is a little candle wax on the threads to see if it was possible to tighten up the ring without torquing it out of position.
    (Just as if you were waxing a tent zipper)

    Other wise, if I understand this correctly, the top of the seat is indented into the cork grip ?
    That would be a matter of replacing a single cork ring along with the seat.
    Not nearly as simple as changing out just the seat, but it's not that big of a deal either.
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    Default Re: Replacing a reel seat/uplocking hardware

    I am in the process of doing this on a graphite rod as an exploration into rod building.

    The SINGLE experience I have and what I found out before undertaking it was that you are going to probably loose/replace the cork that is over the top side receiver on the uplocking system. There doesn't seem to be a way to get it out without destroying the cork. Other than that the process is pretty simple.

    It might be possible to find a new uplocking set up that would match up with that one little piece you can't get to. I THINK that would work fine, so long as all the pieces fit togeather correctly or if the pieces could be altered to fit togeather correctly.

    There are a lot of people in hear you should listen to other than me. Post up what you find, if you would. Am really curious about this.
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    Default Re: Replacing a reel seat/uplocking hardware

    Depending on what glue he used, you might be able to heat the seat and remove all but the hood (if it is inletted into the handle). Common practice is to put the seat in a plastic bag and place it in boiling water. After a bit you can try to remove the seat. Do not twist the seat as you can damage the blank. Especially bamboo, it can de-laminate. I am sure I am not telling your builder buddy anything he already doesn't know.

    Glues like your two part Urac-185 use heat to set it and it is very tough after it is set. So you might not have an issue with de-limation due to heat. If the bamboo blank was glued up with something like Titebond III de-lamination could be an issue.

    If you remember the builder's name, first or last, shoot me a PM. I am on a Bamboo builder's mailing list and can put out an SOS.

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