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    Default American Tackle Matrix blanks - Ugly or Not?

    I am considering building a 4wt and was looking a the American Tackle Matrix blanks. At first I just thought they were green blanks, but now I realize that they have a pattern on them. Not sure how I feel about the look. Anyone seen these in person and have an opinion?

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    Default Re: American Tackle Matrix blanks - Ugly or Not?

    I haven't seen them in person but I have a good idea how they look. I think you can make a nice looking rod but it's going to have a really modern look. Match it with a reel,seat with a green woven insert and black hardware, maybe?

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    Default Re: American Tackle Matrix blanks - Ugly or Not?

    Mama said "If you can't say nothin nice, don't say nothin at all". Like tedp said they will have a pertty modern look to them. I have seen some really cool looking builds on those blanks. I just don't like the look as I prefer more traditional looking rods.

    But it's custom rod building . What looks good to me may look bad to another builder.
    "Blessed is the fly fisher who's quiver contains grass, glass & graphite custom rods." Book of Rods 3:16

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