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Thread: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

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    Default Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    Does anyone know of a place to get custom-made rod socks (soft, divided, cloth bags)?

    I need some odd sizes:

    11' 4-piece rod with slot for extra tip
    7'6" 4-piece rod with slot for extra tip
    10' 4-piece rod with slot for extra tip
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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    I've bought off ebay. I've used the seller 'jiggles2' though don't see anything listed for sale right now. A search turns up others who sell custom socks. Now my wife is kind of enough to make them for me
    - William

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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    Another idea,

    My wife and I use many of the same model of rods and over time we decided that one way to keep them straight was to create a set of color coded rod socks for one of us. Since then, she has sewn several for us, which are much nicer than anything the big boys include with their rods. For even a mildly talented seamstress, a rod sock equates to tying a bugger or hares ear nymph - simple and quick.
    She thinks that if you let your fingers do the walking in the yellow pages for local seamstresses, sewing shops, etc. you should be able to find someone that can knock out whatever you want in short order, in a variety of colors and materials. Just bring along a sample sock or two, along with the rod so they can get the measurements right.


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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    I make my own too. I use childrens flannel, in kids patterns, so they will show up if dropped on the ground. Both Hub and I have similar rods (I build all of ours), so we know whose are whose. They're soft, and we keep them in a hard case between trips and during trips to and from the trout fields!
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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    Let me know if you find someone that will make them on the cheap in a nice microfiber. I recently purchased one of the Orvis rod and reel bags, and the stock socks don't have any padding, and I have a lot of rods in it. I don't really want to pay $10 a sock for the CBD ones if I could find something cheaper.

    I would need the following:
    1- 7ft 3 piece
    1 - 9ft 4 piece for salt water rod with fighting but and large stripping guides (so basically two larger sleeves and a tad longer case)
    1 - 10ft 4 piece (no fighting butt)
    4 - 9ft 4 piece


    Edit: Those look great Auntie Em. Love the fun flannel colors.

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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    Nice bags Betty

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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    My wife makes mine for my cases

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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    Wife of Home Waters fly shop owner in Eugene, Oregon has made some for me. She has quite a following.

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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    Those socks are really nice..esp the red checked 'quilted' looking one. Nice job !

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    Default Re: Custom Rod Bags (socks)

    My wife had a business making and selling rod bags. She made and sold several hundred bags a year. Unfortunately, as of now, she has stopped making them. Problem is that the cost of fabric had gone up, often by a factor of two or three times what she had previously been paying. Even though she was buying fabric commercially, the costs of the materials had almost reached the price of what she was charging for the bags.

    I was lucky to "procure" a lifetime supply. I got to keep all her rejects, which in point of fact were nicer and better made than the commercial products.

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