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Thread: Couple of recent projects

  1. Default Couple of recent projects

    A couple of 5 1/2 footers for my toddlers and the st croix is one i just finished for my dad who is just taking up fly fishing this year. Ive got an orvis superfine in process for myself that ill add pictures for as soon as mudhole sends me the right piece to finish my reel seat.

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    Blazin, thats just so great! I really envy you. My daughter is 7 and not all that into fishing unfortunately. My son is so into outdoors and anything to do with it. He has seen me casting and gets hold of my kit when I turn my back and goes bonkers swishing the rod around. He is only 18 months old though so...

    Needless to say I just cant wait! Will be doing my first build in July when finances finally clear up for it and then shall definitely be doing one for him too.

    Going to start him waaaaayyy young!

    Lovely builds by the way.
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    omg that little vest is so cute!

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    My orvis superfine blank all finished up.... The boys love the water and being outside they only enjoy fishing when a fish is on the hook but luckily one stream by me runs adjacent to a playground so if we dont hook one in 3 minutes they go play on the slides lol

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    And an Abel to match. Doesn't get much better than that. Funny but the superfine looks a lot like your avatar
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    Pretty cool! I also love that vest, I need to get one of those for my six year old grandson.


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    Yea picked up the abel off ebay and the superfine blank off mudhole just finished the rod two weeks ago and absolutely love it.... I bought their vests at dunhams for $15 each

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