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    Default Rod blank question

    I didn't want to hijack the other thread so I started my own.

    Out of the moderate priced blanks, which would have a more medium fast to fast action?

    I want to build a 6 wt mostly for chucking streamers. I have a 6 wt that is more of a medium action and it works great for softly laying down dries, but it get's all sloppy when try to thrown some larger streamers. I'm not talking big bass or pike flies, but things like #6 wooly buggers.

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    Default Re: Rod blank question

    I had a chance to cast a friend's Rainshadow RX8+ 9 weight rod. I think the blank sells for $240. It was quick and powerful. How that compares to its 6 weight counterpart, I'm not sure.

    TFO sells its Axiom series rods as blanks. A blank will set you back $137. I have fished one in a 6 weight, and it does not have an issue throwing large buggers. Of all the TFO fast action rods, this one is my favorite. It isn't the fastest or the lightest, but it is the smoothest casting rod of the bunch.


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    Default Re: Rod blank question

    Thank you for the info, I will look into it.

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    Hi friend mudbug. Take a look at cts blanks.
    I think these blanks could have what you want, quality maybe the best and price hight for me but not expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guli View Post
    Hi friend mudbug. Take a look at cts blanks.
    I think these blanks could have what you want, quality maybe the best and price hight for me but not expensive.

    I see nothing about price or where to buy them.

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    Default Re: Rod blank question

    If you are still looking at blanks, you will find that Batson RX8+ blanks will be sold at lower prices. Batson has decided to discountinue this product. I find the RX8+ blank to be of very good quality and is fast action. Also, the Dan Craft FT would be a great choice.

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    Default Re: Rod blank question


    I know that it's fun to get or build a new rod but it sounds like you just have to adjust your casting style and perhaps your line choice for the rod you have. I say this because I fished the past 16 years throwing feather wing streamers up to size two and fours with 4X shanks using my 9' 5wt Orvis PM 10 and it has done a great job.

    One of the ways to make any rod a good streamer rod is to adapt what is known in the two hand rod world as the single spey cast for use with your current fly rod. This is no more than a roll cast but is executed a bit differently. You can find videos on line where you can see people shooting some pretty impressive casts using the technique that I refer to. Casting large streamers overhand and then stripping the line in only to have to get all that line out the guides again turns into work. By using the roll / single spey cast combined with a traditional wet fly swing presentation you simplify streamer fishing. When using this approach you must position yourself so that the fly covers the desired holding areas of the stream. When using the overhand cast and stripping method you are trying to target a lie and then create the action with your line manipulations. This will work and I have done it too many times to number but the 'no back cast' roll / spey style I am recommending makes for better fishing regardless of the rod. It is a matter of technique more than the rod. I use this cast with every rod I own including my bamboo Flea rod. Yes I fish streamers on a three weight flea too. My point is the cast will make any rod a streamer rod.

    If you do choose to build a rod for streamer fishing I would try to nudge you toward a 10 or 11' rod. The added length assists in setting up a cast and if you do end up overhand casting it will launch a fly better than a 9 footer.


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    Default Re: Rod blank question

    check out the temple fork outfitters TiCR or TiCRX. i use the X in an 8wt for streamers when fishing for stripers. both available as blanks at what i'd call moderate prices. a 6wt version might be what you're looking for.

    the batson RX8+ blanks (not to be confused with the RX8) are supposedly very nice blanks.

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: Rod blank question

    Thanks for the extra info guys though I am no longer looking for a blank. A local guy that generally builds Bamboo rods sold me one of the first rods he built using a St. Croix Legend Ultra blank for a measly $100 (Including a nice metal rod case). I have not had a chance to really try it for this specific application, but I did spend some time casting it before buying it (Just some big foam hoppers) and it's a nice rod.

    Ard, I do think that you have a point though. Between the time I started this search and now I have seen lost of evidence that my other rod should be able to do the job and my lack of experience with bigger streamers and good casting technique is probably my biggest impediment in this. I have seen vids of single hand spey casting before, I will look at them more carefully.

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