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FlyBum 08-13-2010 11:09 PM

How Would This Be For a First Build
Every thing is from Hook & Hack:

H & H New - "Xi" 9' 4 - weight Stream Blank Item: XI9044B Any Body ever build on this blank? How is it?

Titanium Guide Set 9-9'6" Item: FRGS105

PB Titanium Hookkeeper Item: PBCHKLS

PB Titanium Tip Top 4.5 Item: PBCFT45

Nickel Silver Winding Ck .328 Item: NS21328

LIMITED REC Nickle Silver / Satin Cocobola Reel Seat Item: BUL5GCB

H&H Superior Cork Grip Rev Half Wells for #5 H&H Reel Seat Item: RHW725

All For $185.76

That blank is what Ron at H & H suggested to me for the action I like. I could also substitute the blank for a Xi 7'9" 3wt. However I would really prefer a 8'6"-9'. Since I fish mostly good size trout Rivers like the Upper Sacramento, Truckee, etc. doing a lot of high sticking and need the reach. I'd really like to do a 3wt since I don't currently have one. Then again since my Sage LL is a 2 piece it is difficult to pack. I could delegate the LL to even more occasional use this rod if I end up liking it better than the TFO Finesse 8'9" the TFO could end up being my main squeeze and the TFO my backup.:confused::confused:

What you all think? I mean other than that I'm nuts! lol

Auntie Em 08-14-2010 08:00 AM

Re: How Would This Be For a First Build
While I have not built up that blank ... yet ... I would certainly take what Ron has told you as golden. He's a really great guy, with more experience than you could ever measure! Sounds like it'll be a beautiful rod when completed.

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