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    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    ..... for me it's mixing and applying a good finish guess you haven't gotten to that yet
    Its a good thing there isn't a emoticon that flips the bird...JK LOL!

    Ya I haven't gotten there yet. So I guess I should have qualified that statement like this; So Far for me...wrapping the guides is the most difficult part of a basic rod build.
    -Tom Wilson
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    Default Re: building my own switch rod

    Quote Originally Posted by Rifleman1776 View Post
    What is a "switch rod"?
    BTW, why do the kits cost as much or more than a ready made rod?
    Haven't bothered to read all the 'in betweens,' but Google R B Meiser rods. Bob is the one that put this concept on the map; they/the type, have been around for eons, but he was the first to actually design rod blanks for this purpose.

    Blank/bits will cost you about $200.00 but everything, including 'how' will be included. Have a question? Call him, HE DOES answer his own phone and will take the time to cover the 'what now Boss????!!!!'

    All be it's been quite some time since I've built a rod, there were two major things I learned quickly .. assuming you don't have a bit of proper equipment .. is the building of the rod handle/reel seat and sanding down same to where you want same. This takes a slow 'lathe' (sp?) to do so properly; don't have one? Who does? This bit, and a major 'bit' is a true pain in the axx.

    Spend a few bucks and have him do it for you. The second item is correctly lining up the 'spine' of the rod. Just ask, and he'll do same so you know where/which side of the rod to put on the guides. That parts the really easy bit.

    Just trust me on the above, just trust me .. unless you have the proper equipment.

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    Default Re: building my own switch rod

    I have built several switch rods on the Batson blank and also on the Dan Craft blanks. Both offer good high quality blanks. Dan Craft has several options for building a switch rod. Give him a call and he would be able to put a kit togethter that would rival any switch rod out there.

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