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  1. Default SLi rod building kits from cabelas

    i wanted to know if anyone has tried the standard or premuim kits for the sli rod. I was thinking of buying 1 of them but having trouble choosing. thanks to all who reply

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    Default Re: SLi rod building kits from cabelas

    Hi Basher,

    I added a picture of the components and a description of the kits for all to see. I checked the prices for a 9' 5wt rod in both kits. There was only 15 dollars different between the two kits. You get the same blank but better components in the Premium Kit. For $15 I would get the Premium Kit.


    SLi Premium Fly Rod Kit var tProdID = "0017245316457a";var currentSwatchid = "swatch0";function select_image(id,image, text, index) {document.getElementById('large_image').src = '/cabelas/en/content' + image;document.getElementById('imagelabel').firstC hild.nodeValue = text;document.getElementById(currentSwatchid).pare ntNode.className = "";document.getElementById(id).parentNode.classNam e = "swatch";currentSwatchid = id;cabLogFunction("PAGE," + index + "," + text);}function openFlashWindowBig(url, name) {popupWin =, name, 'scrollbars=yes,resizable,width=577,height=590,top =0,left=0');popupWin.focus();}
    Create your own masterpiece with our SLi Premium Fly Rod Kit. Our top-of-the-line SLi series fly rod blanks offer great performance without sacrificing rod strength or quality. SLi (Smooth Loading Improved) blanks have fine diameter tips that load smoothly and protect light tippets while tapering to a powerful butt sectuio for improved long-distance casting. Blanks are Made in USA and have a gloss black finish. SLi premium kits come with premium quality cork grips, woven-graphite reel seats, a deluxe hook keeper, extra thread colors, titanium carbine single-foot guides and double-foot line strippers. Gloss Black finish.

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