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Thread: Shaping Cork Grips

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    Default Shaping Cork Grips

    Being in the creative department at Mudhole, Im lucky enough to be able to try all kinds of things we have here at the shop. Having been building my fly rods with standard grips I finally took on the task of shaping my own for my 5wt pond jumper build, and we documented it for a blog post!

    So check out my build, and 4 steps to shaping custom cork grips here:
    4 Steps to Shape Custom Cork Grips - Mud Hole Blog

    let me know what you guys think!

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    Looks Good, for beginners you might want to explain how you clamp the cork amd how long to wait before shaping for the glue to dry.

    I am a huge proponent of shaping a grip off the blank and on a mandrel, as I know of a number of builders that like to turn their grips on the blank, and end up with damage to the blank or do not like the finished grip and have to remove it from the blank which is a pain in the bum, and again could damage the blank.

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    Default Re: Shaping Cork Grips

    Always shape handles off blank. Even if sizing every ring first. Stack rings on threaded rod w/fender washers. Ring, liberal amount of elmers glue, next ring. Fender washer after last ring and nuts to clamp. Tighten till glue is squeezed from seems. Wash off excess in sink let dry. I give cork at least 24 hrs. clamped as so before shaping.

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    Agree with the above, especially since I don't have a lathe! Easy to glue up the rings on a 1/4" threaded rod hold it with washers and wingnuts then chuck it up in a drill to sand it down. Bonus - if any issues emerge it isn't glued on the blank!
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    Default Re: Shaping Cork Grips

    3/8" mandrel happens to fit perfectly into a skateboard bearing, that is what I use on the outboard end since I also do not have a lathe. Very easy to make a DIY lathe from a drill and some wood + skateboard bearing.

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