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Thread: thread size

  1. thread size

    i notice that the threads for rod wrapping come in different sizes. how do you know what size thread to use for which rod? im looking to build a six weight 9' sage z-axis eventually after i get a couple practice rods under my belt. : )

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    Hi Ckalanic,

    I generally use size "a" for a quality job but if i dont care as much (for a cheap blank) i'll use "d". For your sage, id use "a".

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    I will use the "a" size for my fly rod builds. I have talk with others that have difficulty in handling "a" line so they use "d". The "d" will add some weight but I doubt that it will affect the casting. I have spoken with rod builders who usually build casting or spiining rods and they usually use the "d" line.
    For your Sage build I would use the "a".

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    I am gonna try size B. Guidebod makes it in limited colors in Nylon (not NCP)

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