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Thread: Forecast blank

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    Default Forecast blank

    just started to build a 7-1/2ft, no.5 2 piece Graphite called Forecast
    seems pretty decent so far.

    anyone use Forecast blanks?

    this 7-1/2 ft. number five is very fast....

    made in Asia. you have to stop and think where the money goes.

    any thoughts on overseas made blanks.

    would it be O.K. if they were made in Sweden? France?,,,Japan?...

    hope this is cool with the board mods

    i'm a nubie here but

    fly fished a few years so i have seen a few things come and a few things go.

    i do like building again
    i am having fun

    please excuse an old dude


    the universe in a drop of water

    Norta Mudzoory

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    Default Re: Forecast blank

    Recoil snakes, i like them. very strong, easy to work with and wrap

    light weight, small wire

    the stripper looks a little strange but works well

    if you are planning to build a rod
    Recoil guides should do nicely


    the universe in a drop of water

    Norta Mudzoory

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    Default Re: Forecast blank

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    Some very expensive rod blanks are made in China and Korea. Like most everything else, it is getting harder and harder to find a US made product. Look at hooks and fishing line. So, being made in China doen't mean it will be a bad blank. It would be nice to get one with a warranty though!

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    Default Re: Forecast blank

    Just an aside... actually, batson's Forecast fly blanks have developed into the RX6 line. the original Forecast were more of a teal color. the RX6s are dark blue and the ferrule fit is better than the older forecast lineup.

    i really like the RX6 in the 7'-6" 4 wt size.

    fresno, ca.

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    Default Re: Forecast blank

    I have built several of their Batsons Forecast blanks. I like them pretty well. For what they cost it is a decent quality blank. They do make some higher end fast action stuff but it is similar priced to other manufacturers out there so I haven't bothered to buy them. I mean why test out a Batson priced the same as a Sage? I'll just buy the Sage.
    I have built 6'6 2wt, 7'6 3wt, and a few 4wts. Med action at best for sure and very noodly but when fishing small creeks with a 2wt I don't really care. A blast to catch small trout on. Going to try it out on pan fish soon as well.
    Oh yeah and my 2wt is a 4pc! Soo much fun!

    Custom Rods You Can Afford to Fish

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    In the same length, which would have the faster action, Forecast or Rainshadow blank? TIA

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    The rainshadows (RX7&RX8) are both faster then the RX6-forecast blank. The RX6 is not a rocket but in the 4-6 wt categories they are in my opinion a moderate fast action. I build a fair amount of them for people who want a nice casting back up rod that won't break the bank.

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