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  1. Default H&H XE Series blank line weight ratings

    Seems like a lot of the economy blanks are underrated in their line rating Anybody have experience with the XE series and what their action is? I've heard some of the Xi blanks are a bit on the fast (stiff actually) side and I'm actually counting on the XE being the same. Wanting to build an shorter 7(ish)wt 4pc for close up fishing and think the 5wt XE blank might fit the bill. Thanks.

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    I am not familiar with the H&H blanks, but am with the ARE blanks, which I am going to make an educated guess that they come from the same Chinese Factory.

    The ARE blanks are usually off on the line ratings as well. For example the 11ft 6/7 3pc rates as a 8wt and the 12.6ft 9/10wt is also rates as an 8wt.

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    Here's the follow-up and some pics...

    I went ahead with the XE 8' 5wt and finally built it out, and it is indeed stiffer than its rating for my tastes, as I was banking on. I used a heavy 6wt and that worked out pretty good for redfishing out of a kayak. A little more feel up close and still enough butt strength to cast it out when I need to. Overall I'm happy and it seemed to hit right where I hoped it would. I could probably even throw the 7wt line on it to give it a little more feel in tighter quarters.

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    Very nice build and color choices on wraps.

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