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  1. Default Sage Launch rod blank

    I would like to find a blank for the Sage Launch series rod. Does soemone know where i could find one? I have looked through several siets and no one seems to have them.

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    the launch, as one of sage's value priced rods, is not offered as a blank from what i understand. did you call sage?

    fresno, ca.

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    No i did not but i think i will try. Thanks

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    Hi ,

    I don't know about the Sage Launch blank. You might want to take a look at the TFO Pro blank. It is inexpensive but makes a good casting rod. Here is a link to Mudhole who sells the TFO Pro blank.

    I suggest you call Mudhole and tell them your age. Ask if the can help you with a good blank for not too much money.


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    You might also look at the Batson RX7+ blank.

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